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Box 3 Jackson, Wyoming 83011

We produce hand made lodge pole furniture. The different items below are one-of-a-kind

examples of our work.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for price list of standard furniture.

See:  Anne Kent Jackson Hole Cabins           

JHLRF builds their furniture from native lodge pole pine. Products can be skipped peeled or clean peeled depending on

the desire of the client. We design and construct hand peeled custom office and residential furniture. Finishing and re-finishing

furniture is a labor of love. Our passion is not only building rustic western style furniture it is creating a type of furniture that is

rough enough that there is no mistake that it is hand made. Very few pieces are alike and none of them are flawless.



$7800.00 Sold






           Picture / Morror Frame (price depends on specifications)          End Table with Shelf and Drawer / 24" x 24" - $350.00

Bench with Burlwood Back add $50.00 / Seat 16" (+-)           Bench without back $75.00 / Ft. 16" Seat (+-)        Bench with back $100.00 / Ft. 16" Seat (+-)


   Skipped peeled rawhide chair starting at $350.00            Rawhide Rocking Chair   ($450.00)                

The ideas are limitless, we can build to your design our ours. Atrist preference is the key.

Basic Price List

King Beds Starting at:                                                            $ 1200.00 

Queen Beds Starting at:                                                          $1000.00

Double Beds Starting at:                                                           $900.00

Bunk Beds Single Starting at:                                                  $900.00

Angled Bunk Beds Doubles on Top & Bottom                      $2100.00  

End Table with shelf no drawer:                                               $250.00

End Table 1 drawer and shelf:                                                  $350.00

Chest of 3 drawers:                                                                     $900.00

Chest of 4 drawers:                                                                     $1200.00

Chest of 5 drawers:                                                                    $1500.00

Chest of 6 drawers:                                                                    $1800.00

Mirror Frame:                          Depending on width and size of frame.

 Chair Rawhide Starting at:                                                          $500.00

Chair Rocking Staring at:                                                            $650.00

Couch:                                                                                   $200.00 / ft.

Armoire:                                                                                 $1000.00 +

Bench without back:                                                               $75.00 / ft

Bench with back:                                                                   $100.00 / ft

Table 30" deep 30" high:                                                       $200.00 / ft

Coffee Table:                                                                           $200.00 / ft

Coat Rack:                                                                                    $250.00

Ladders                                                                                       $20.00 / ft


We ask for a 50% deposit and payment in full before shipping. 

Crating is added to cost of product. Shipping is FOB.



POB 3 Kelly, Wyoming 83011